The Interstate-11 Coalition
Delivering Opportunities

The CAN-DO Coalition (Connecting Arizona and Nevada - Delivering Opportunities) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation. This coalition has been formed to promote the bold vision of connecting two major southwestern metropolitan regions of Phoenix and Las Vegas with an interstate highway. Interstate-11 will provide a direct connection from Interstate-40 and Interstate-15. These two connections will provide accessibility to commerce centers and sea ports along the Pacific coast and complete an international trade route in the United States.

The vision started originally in the Interstate-10/ Hassayampa Valley Roadway Framework Study, funded and prepared by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) in the greater Phoenix area. The Interstate-11 corridor was extended in the MAG Hidden Valley Transportation Framework Study to include a second connection to I-10 in Pinal County.

In recognition of the tremendous positive impact of the Interstate connection, a bipartisan group of civic leaders from Arizona and Nevada agreed to form the Coalition to promote the future of Interstate-11.

This new corridor will be designed as a multi modal/ multi utility corridor. It is expected to include high speed passenger rail, additional lanes miles, transit systems, and the potential for power, water and other utility corridors.

Future expansion of goods movement throughout the west will only put additional demands on current, outdated networks. Port expansion in Mexico will further increase the demands on the current system. Instituting I-11 will bring new construction jobs, relieve pressure on the existing Interstate transportation system and increase global investment and long term economic sustainability. Increased tourism, commerce, and trade means jobs!